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Dennis McMains--International Leader (Europe & Mediterranean)

Helari Puu

Helari Puu is a Christian pioneer. He was the youngest Pastor elected to lead the Union of Free Evangelical and Baptist Churches of Estonia once his country was free from the Soviet Union. He was the youngest person from Eastern Europe to be elected as President of the European Baptist Federation. Now, after twenty years helping Converge throughout the Nordic-Baltic region, he has become the first national missionary for Converge International Ministries.

Nordic-Baltic Initiative

The Nordic-Baltic region consists of seven countries... Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Finland, Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania. For centuries these countries had vibrant, growing Christian communities. But political censure and cultural drifting in each of these nations has dimmed the light of Christ to the point of near darkness.

A total of 31.9 million people live in the Nordic-Baltic region. Only 1.4% percent of them (i.e. less than half a million people) are evangelical, born-again Christians. For every person who has a committed relationship with Christ, 71 do not. We are called to reach out to these brothers and sisters to reintroduce them to a life empowered by a belief in the risen Christ.

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