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Senior Pastor Job Description


Lake Havasu is a city on the “grow”! As our community grows, so does the opportunity for us to share the love of Christ and grow His church.  


Lake Havasu Baptist Church is located in southwestern Mohave County, AZ, along the Colorado River in the beautiful city of Lake Havasu. The city is known for its year-round boating, hiking, off-road venues, and the London Bridge. We are located approximately 2 hours from Las Vegas, NV, and 3.5 hours from downtown Phoenix, AZ.


If you are interested in more information or would like to submit a resume, please email



We are prayerfully seeking God’s direction to identify a full-time Senior Pastor who is, first and foremost, a leader and a teacher. He leads with a clear vision and purposeful direction and is easy to follow. He enthusiastically goes after creative ideas and solutions, empowers laypeople who need to be equipped and unleashed for Christ, and powerfully proclaims God’s Word in various ways. He is a risk taker who proactively identifies challenges and resolves problems with minimum relational turmoil. He brings people together in unified teams to develop and implement effective strategies, and he is excellent at promoting ideas to others to reach maximum potential and engagement.



¨ Bachelors or Master’s Degree in Christian ministry.

¨ Has served for at least six years as a Senior Pastor, Associate Pastor, or similar role and experienced numerical congregational growth while serving in that role.

¨ Has experience directly supervising multiple staff members and working with various leadership teams.

¨ Agrees with Doctrinal Statement, Statement of Faith, and Senior Pastor responsibilities in the Lake Havasu Baptist Church Constitution.

¨ Meets the New Testament requirements for office as listed in 1 Timothy 3:1-7 and Titus 1:6-9 and lives with integrity as an excellent model of a spiritual example that inspires others to develop attitudes and behaviors guided by biblical principles.

¨ Dedicated to a strong devotional and prayer life demonstrated by an intentional commitment to honoring his relationship with God above all else.

¨ Exhibits an inherent orientation of grace in his relationships with God and others.

¨ Enthusiastic and passionate when empowering teams and developing vision.

¨ Has a heart and desire to reach multi-ethnic groups locally and globally.



¨ Exhibits the characteristics of a servant leader while effectively leading and shepherding the staff, lay leadership, and congregation to achieve the church’s mission.

¨ Consistently casts a compelling vision by combining a deep understanding of the needs of the community, the church organization, and the congregation with strategic thinking and creative responses to opportunities and challenges.

¨ Easily inspires confidence throughout the staff and builds consensus throughout the congregation by realistically assessing issues and taking appropriate actions.

¨ Naturally recruits, manages, and develops leaders of all levels into a unified team, empowering and guiding staff and lay leaders to develop management skills and take ownership of ministries while maintaining unity of vision and direction.



¨ Consistently delivers solid biblical preaching and teaching relevant and applicable to people of diverse cultural and ethnic backgrounds and those of different levels of spiritual maturity.

¨ Comfortably communicates publicly and one-on-one, with speech and demeanor characterized by authenticity, approachability, and accountability.

¨ Clearly articulates the gospel message with an evangelistic approach that is personally sincere, rooted in biblical truths, teachable to disciple-makers, and results in people coming to Christ.

¨ Collaborates with worship staff to develop engaging worship experiences that inspire the congregation to genuine personal worship and growth by application of God’s Word. 

¨ Meets the spiritual needs of all groups and levels of spiritual maturity, resulting in consistently greater Christ-likeness throughout the congregation.



¨ Strongly encourages and loves people of all ages, ethnicities, and backgrounds.

¨ Effective at interpersonal communication both as a listener and as a speaker.

¨ Discerns, develops, and employs the unique strengths of others to fulfill their God-given purposes.

¨ Provides a healing presence in conflicted relationships, both personal and corporate.

¨ Effectively shepherds and ministers to all generations to ensure all are assimilated into the church congregation without age gaps.  

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