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Worship Service & Office Times

9:00 am -  Sunday Morning Bible Study all ages

                  (Unless change noted in events)

10:30 am - Sunday Morning Worship

6:30 pm - Wednesday Evening Prayer

Office Hours:  Tuesday - Thursday  9 am - 12 pm

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Position:  Senior Pastor


Accountable to: Jesus Christ and Servant Leader Board


Ministry Target: Church and Community


Position Status: Paid Staff


Minimum Maturity: Stable, mature Christian


Talents or Abilities Desired: Leadership ability, good communicator, experience in teaching and preaching, some training or experience in counseling, experience in leading others to Christ and in discipleship training, discreet, visionary, and congenial

Length of Service Commitment: Indefinite


General Summary: The Senior Pastor’s primary roles are to preach and teach God’s Word faithfully, to engage in persistent prayer for God’s leadership in the church and its ministries, and to carry out God’s purpose and mission for His church.  The mission for His church, as defined in the mission statement of Lake Havasu Baptist Church, is to fulfill the Great Commission with vision, purpose, and priority in making disciples of all people so that they may know, love, and serve Jesus Christ (Matthew 28:19-20).


The Senior Pastor will be responsible for the public ministry of the pulpit and administration of the ordinances of the New Testament, Baptism, and Communion.  With the Servant Leader Board (Board), of which the Senior Pastor is a serving member (“the first among equals”), the Senior Pastor will shepherd and guide the spiritual needs of the church.  As a serving member of the Board, the Senior Pastor may be assigned the responsibility of primary oversight of the pastoral and support staff. He shall serve as an ex-officio advisory member of all ministries, teams, committees, and departments of the church.


Primary Duties:  


The Senior Pastor’s lifestyle and actions should provide the church with an example of Christ’s work in his life, worthy of following, and meet the biblical qualifications found in 1 Timothy 3 and Titus 1.


The Senior Pastor shall:

  • Provide the message for Sunday morning worship services.  The style of preaching may vary, but the content must be supported by scripture and be true to the mission statement and core values of Lake Havasu Baptist Church.

  • Equip the church body for serving Christ by providing strong Biblical teaching that instructs and challenges the church to fulfill its purpose.

  • Assist in bringing God’s people from an unsaved position to being able to know, love, and serve Christ.  Messages, events, and programs will be practiced to evangelize the unsaved and to provide spiritual growth.

  • Care for the church body by being available to the church family, when practical, for hospital visitations, shut-in visits, and family crises that require spiritual support.  It is recognized that the Senior Pastor can have priorities that my conflict with these duties; however, an earnest effort is expected.

  • Provide premarital and family counseling.  He will refer persons to a Christian counseling service, or other qualified counselors, if the counseling needed is outside the scope of his expertise.

  • Perform funeral services and weddings as needed.

  • Meet with prospective members and make recommendations to the Board.



The Senior Pastor shall be considered the primary staff person and will assist in the evaluation of the overall ministries and staff of Lake Havasu Baptist Church.  This responsibility will be carried out with the cooperation and shared support of the Board as defined by the church constitution.


The Senior Pastor will be available to fellow Board members and ministry leaders for spiritual support and guidance.  He will endeavor to create and maintain a work environment that shows mutual respect and enables staff and lay members to effectively develop and exercise their spiritual gifts.


The Senior Pastor shall:

  • Be devoted to the development of ministry opportunities and skills for staff and lay leadership.  Consistent with the church’s mission statement, he will assist in the development and maintenance of programs that reach the unsaved and equip the church body to utilize their spiritual gifts in serving Christ.  He shall also maintain a positive relationship with the church staff and lay leaders so as to effectively coach, counsel, and direct the ministries of the church.

  • Assist in the selection of all church staff members and ministry leaders and in determining key objectives for their ministries.

  • Be an ex-officio member of all ministries and committees and will be expected to provide guidance and input in the following areas: church budget, recruitment of church staff, church policy and procedures, staff training and direction, and fiscal policy.  This does not mean that the Senior Pastor is expected to attend all meetings, but will be available for input as needed.



The Senior Pastor shall:

  • Be an effective manager of the church staff by taking responsibility for staff scheduling, including work hours and time off, weekly staff meetings, and the performance of annual staff evaluations along with one additional Servant Leader.

  • Communicate to the church staff and church body through newsletters, phone trees, social media, and other avenues as appropriate, in a way that enhances teamwork and keeps the church body engaged in accomplishing its mission.

  • Meet regularly with the other members of the Board and other ministries as needed, or as an overseer of their ministries.



  • The Senior Pastor is encouraged to develop, maintain, and nurture relationships with other churches and church-related organizations in the community.

  • Any duties and affiliations outside the church body are subject to review and approval by the Board.



The Senior Pastor is responsible to the church congregation, but he shall report directly to the Board.


Should there be any conflict, perceived or actual, between this job description, other church memos and documents, verbal instructions, and the church constitution, the church constitution shall be the governing document as interpreted by the Board.

To apply for this position please email a cover letter, resume and references to: